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Be A Volunteer

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TCO/Concessions: Ambassadors for Business has teamed with several concessions vendors who partner with our professional sports teams and event venues to provide the concessions services.  Periodically we have the ability to raise funds for Ambassadors for Business by staffing concession stands. Shifts are usually 3 to 5 hours long and require that you have the physical ability to perform stated duties.  Please click below to join our “ready team” which will be notified when opportunities arise.

Event Support: Ambassadors for Business runs over 100 events each year, some of which are Big Events and Fundraisers that require extra help with promotion, setting up, registering guests, welcoming guests and tearing down/cleaning up.  If you’re open to joining our event support team, click here and we’ll alert you to upcoming opportunities to serve

Join A Committee

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Committees: If you would like to serve on one or more of the committees below, simply click the button and submit your information.

Fundraising Committee: Develops our overall fundraising strategies and organizes the events and initiatives necessary for carrying them out.

Events Committee: Develops events strategy and timeline, organizes, promotes and executes larger events and assists Shepherds with Thrive! strategy, planning and promotion.

Partners / Services Committee: Works with existing partners to deliver cohesive service offerings and develops relationships with new partners to expand services for AFB members.

If you are interested in learning more or joining one of these committees, email and let Bob know which committee you'd like to get connected with!

Thrive! Shepherds

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We are seeking Shepherds for each Thrive! Connecting Faith and Work location in the Twin Cities, MN metro area.

The shepherds guide the group, facilitate the event when needed, welcome new attendees, and are responsible for creating a “personality” for the location. This includes directing the group on community involvement and Ambassadors for Business fundraising activities.

Our goal is to identify and equip three or four shepherds for each location. Are you interested in becoming a Thrive! shepherd? Find all the details and next steps here, and then click the button below to sign up and request a location.

Share Your Skills


Do you have tangible skills you can use to serve Ambassadors for Business?

Currently our team is looking for assistance with graphic design and branding and well as accounting/bookkeeping.

If you have skills in either of those areas you would like to contribute to Ambassadors for Business, please email with a brief summary of you skills.