Growing personally, spiritually, and as a leader often means more than just attending an event or listening to a speaker. While events and speakers can spark growth, tools you can access regularly at home provide additional opportunities for personal and business development. Our team strives to provide Ambassadors for Business members with multiple FREE resources, and non-members can benefit from listening to The Thrive! Podcast and downloading the AFB Bible App.

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RightNow Media @ Work: This online video-based resource center is recognized as a world-wide leader, providing businesses with HR Resources that help their employees gain Christian perspective on marriage, parenting, finances, recovery and more.  Over 5,000 videos from renowned and trusted teachers including Les & Leslie Parrott, Chip Ingram, Dave Ramsey, John Maxwell, and many others.

All Ambassadors for Business members receive a personal subscription to rightnow MEDIA@WORK.


The AFB Bible App: Provided by Back to the Bible, this app is based on the "Power of 4", the result of a three million dollar study that determined the life of someone who engages Scripture four or more times a week looks radically different from the life of someone who does not:

  • Shares faith with others +218%
  • Disciples others +231%
  • Memorizes scripture +407%
  • Gives financially to church +416%
  • Gives financially outside of church +228%

The lives of Christians who do not engage the Bible are statistically the same as the lives of non-believers.

Download the app from Google Play or the Apple App Store and complete the Spiritual Assessment.  You will then receive your Personalized Spiritual Profile which will highlight your strengths and areas for growth.  The app sends applicable Bible verses to your phone throughout the day according to your preferred settings.  The verses equip and encourage you as you build a solid foundation based on the truth of God’s Word.

Data collected from each user remains private.  Back to the Bible takes the privacy of the user quite seriously.  They will not share any identifying information the user provides.  Read privacy statement.

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The Thrive! Podcast: Be encouraged and challenged in your growth as a leader by listening to The Thrive! Podcast! Host Bob Willbanks interviews local leaders and discusses topics he has learned from his own career and life. A new episode releases each Thursday morning.

Life's Core Purpose: Finding God's purpose for our lives is pivotal when seeking to follow God's plan.  Life's Core Purpose can help by finding the TWO WORDS that connect your head and your heart.  Developed by Jeff Pelletier, God's Work In Progress, this $49 guided self-assessment will lead you to your words, the beginning to leading a full and satisfying life.

Your Effective and Joyful Life Begins HERE!

**AFB members receive a 30% discount and special gift. Use code: AFBLCP

Outperforming Video Series: Learn how to Outperform from Scott Welle, founder of Ourperform the Norm and EPIC. This resource includes Scott's six-part video series and one of his top blog posts with action steps. Start today in your journey to Outperform the Norm!

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