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Leadership Growth Roadmap

Are you a small business owner wanting to invest in your team and teach them core leadership principles? Are you overwhelmed with the leadership training options available in the marketplace, or unsure what content will best serve your team?

Ambassadors for Business has partnered with local leaders to bring you the leadership training structure you have been looking for. Choose from one of two options to build your leadership foundation, and from there explore the right fit for your long-term needs.

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Local John Maxwell Training

We have partnered with Dale Henry of Critical Insight Group to provide all Ambassadors for Business members exclusive access to the foundational training of this initiative – the world’s most valuable leadership model – at a significantly

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Leadership Training Videos

Are you looking for leadership training you access from the comfort of your home or office? RightNow Media @ Work provides an extensive library of video content, including several leadership development series.

discounted price. For a one-time cost of just $349 you will get two full months of weekly 60-minute in-person small group training and coaching sessions with Dale Henry – a certified master coach, founding partner and inner circle member with John Maxwell. You’ll learn The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership – the cornerstone of the Maxwell Leadership Philosophy and the world’s #1 leadership program.

Dale can run only 4 groups at a time but in an effort to make them as available as
possible for all AFB members he will hold them throughout the Twin Cities area and at differing times/days. While all members are allowed access to this offer, to achieve the widest reach in the Twin Cities business community Dale asks that only one leader from a business participate in the program at a time.

This content, outside of AFB, is priced at $1,295/person. So, you’re saving over 60% on the cost. 

Member of Ambassadors for Business recieve complimentary access to the RightNow Media @ Work video library. Start with the recommended studies below to build your leadership foundation.

Ambassadors for Business members have complimentary access to RightNow Media @ Work. If you don't have an account login,  reply to this email so our team can help you out! If you are not a member, submit your application here today!

If you'd like to provide RightNow Media @ Work to your employees, contact Richard Coffey to get started using the contact information below:

(972) 848-3248 |

Choose a Long-Term Path

GiANT Worldwide: A Leadership System for the 21st Century

GiANT Worldwide seeks to make companies better by making their people better. Their Leadership Operating System will help you build better leaders, retain your best people, increase team performance, and create a culture where everyone brings their best.
They want to partner with you to Create Better Leaders, High-Performing Teams, and Healthy Cultures.

See the options available to you in the Twin Cities area by clicking the button below. Reach out to one of the GiANT consultants using the contact information below with any questions you may have. Mention AFB to get a applicable discounts!

Jeff Dorman

(651) 324-8592


Paul Larsen

(612) 564-5277

Think GREAT: Leadership LINK

This dynamic 12-month leadership immersion program takes a powerful deep-dive into each of the chapters of Erik Therwanger’s acclaimed book, The LEADERSHIP Connection.

More than a roundtable session, The Leadership Link guides leaders on a journey of discovery and solutions in a peer-to-peer, collaborative environment, providing them with the tools and skills necessary to face challenges and accomplish goals.

This program is GREAT for:

• C-Level & Executive
• Sales Leaders
• Supervisors & Managers
• Next Wave Leaders

AFB members receive a 10% discount when registering for the Leadership Link program. In addition, Think GREAT will make a donation of 15% of the registration price to Ambassadors for Business!

Twin Cities Business Leadership Initiative

Increase your influence, deepen your connections, and enrich the value you provide to the individuals, teams and organizations you interact with every day.

Dale Henry, along with his company Critical Insight Group, is launching The Twin Cities Business Leadership Initiative. The goal of this initiative is to ensure that Twin City businesses have the best leadership teams in the country.

Thrive! Business Package

Thrive! events offer business owners the opportunity to provide their teams and congregations with resources and fellowship designed to equip them to lead with purpose in their spheres of influence.

All events are housed on the Ambassadors for Business website. This means your responsibilities in hosting a Thrive! Business or Thrive! Church location are limited to providing the location, choosing the event format, and facilitating the events.

Additional Leadership Resources + Events

Live2Lead is a half-day, leadership development experience designed to equip attendees with new perspectives, practical tools, and key takeaways for their business. They’ll learn from world-class leadership experts, be prepared to implement a new action plan, and start leading when they get back to the office with renewed passion and commitment.

Click below for featured speakers + a registration discount!

If you are a leader in your organization or spheres of influence, join us for a half-day event on September 5th featuring Rick Betenbough and Casey Brewer. Learn more about how to establish God's plan for you and the people you lead!

Rick and Casey will be sharing their vision for how God is working through marketplace leaders.

Connect with us in your preferred format!