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Make A Difference in the Marketplace

Impact the marketplace by supporting collaborative partners, sponsors, and fundraising efforts! Use this page as a starting point to discover current initiatives in the Ambassadors for Business community. The opportunities listed here offer direct financial support or increase our member base through word-of-mouth. Because of your support, the impact for Christ in the marketplace because of Ambassadors for Business continues expanding. Thank you for your continued support and enthusiasm for the mission of Ambassadors for Business!

Click the section headings below to find even more information about each organization or opportunity!

Thank you for considering an Ambassadors for Business membership. Because of people like you this community impacts the marketplace for Christ each week.

Find the membership application here.

We have a donation based membership setup. You choose how much you would like to contribute each month, and you will receive membership benefits.

Your monetary donation to Ambassadors for Business is tax deductible and contributes to ongoing efforts to further the mission of EQUIPPING Christians in business to walk boldly in their faith throughout the business week.

Thank you for supporting Ambassadors for Business financially as the organization grows at a rapid pace and continues to impact the marketplace in an uplifting and life-changing way!

Event sponsors choose from a variety of package options available for individuals and/or businesses.

Benefits include your logo and directory page link on event postings, presenting time at events, and advertisements on the website.

Click here to find details on each sponsorship opportunity!

Become A Preferred Vendor

These individuals and businesses commit to tithe to Ambassadors for Business from revenue they receive via referrals from connections and relationships they build within Ambassadors for Business. They also commit to tithing from business directly received via advertising or directory searches.

  • Ambassador level or higher may participate
  • Adds Preferred Vendor Directory Listing
  • Adds Google AdWords traffic builder to AFB Directory Page

Email with your interest in becoming a preferred vendor. A staff member will contact you to answer any questions and/or upgrade your account.

Ambassadors for Business is proud to partner with Achieve Services! For every bottle purchased, Achieve Clean will donate $3 to Ambassadors for Business!

Achieve Laundry Detergent is more than just an environmentally-friendly cleaning product. The mission of this detergent is to provide meaningful employment opportunities for individuals with developmental disabilities. People with developmental disabilities are eager to work, have diverse talents, and positive attitudes. However, they have one of the highest demographic unemployment rates. Achieve Clean is working to solve that problem one load of laundry at a time!

Ambassadors for Business offers co-op advertising through Salem Media Group. Members generate more advertising frequency by utilizing the co-op advertising program. Three businesses will each receive a 15-second message within a 60-second Ambassadors for Business branded commercial. Sharing the investment results in a greater advertising impact for each business!

Click here for details about advertising packages, benefits, and to listen to a sample advertisement!

Preferred Vendors make an additional faith-promise commitment to tithe back into Ambassadors for Business from business they receive via direct referrals and connections from Ambassadors for Business or directory related searches.

The additional charitable contributions help Ambassadors for Business to carry out our mission of EQUIPPING Christians in business to walk boldly in faith throughout their business week.


An easy, social way to broaden the impact Ambassadors for Business is having on the marketplace is to invite friends and co-workers to join you at our weekly or monthly events! You have the capability to send invites to your contacts when you look at the event details. 

Event Sharing Details

Screen shot of the social and email sharing options within event listings on the Ambassadors for Business events calendar.

Click here to view the events calendar and send a few invites to your friends and co-workers via social media or email!