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G7 Networking: Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why join G7?
A. To join a community of like-minded professionals that are choosing to connect
faith and work, to drive business results through a proven process that generates relationships that matter and qualified warm leads that turn into business, and to grow personally, professionally and spiritually


Q. How much does it cost and how long do I have to commit?


- $100 initiation fee
- $39/month or pay annually for $420
- One-year commitment


Q. Are there other costs for the group that I need to be aware of?
A. Most groups will have a small fee per meeting for covering food / beverage costs and meeting facilities. Occasionally, your group may decide to hold special events which may require funding or per person fees


Start-Up Phase (current through end of 2020)


Q. Will I be paying monthly during this start-up phase?
A. No, you are billed the initiation fee and the first month (or annual) fee, we will not bill you again
until you are placed in your group which we are targeting for September launch. This will allow us
to train up the leaders for each group AND solidify our APP which will drive group interaction and


Q. During this start-up phase, if I pay annually, when is my renewal date?
A. Your renewal date will be set to the date of your first group meeting.


Q. What is the FIRST 100 all about?
A. The FIRST 100 is a special membership perk that will:
     - Freeze your membership fees at $39/month or $420 per year for as long as you maintain
your membership
     - Provide you with a lifetime 20% discount on any promotional items from our company
     - To take advantage of these offers, simply be part of the first 100 people to join G7 Networking
with Purpose in the Twin Cities!


Q. During this start-up phase, how are you assigning me to a group?
A. First, we are collecting the data from persons that sign up through the end of 2020. Persons that can provide a location for the monthly meetings are vetted for location feasibility. If
approved, that person is automatically assigned to the group that will meet at that location. Second, we will escalate leader volunteers and will be assigning them to specified locations convenient to them.

The leaders for each location will convene and will flesh out the rest of their leadership team. Each group will have a President, Vice-President, Secretary/Treasurer, Membership Coordinator
and a Prayer Director.

Once those positions are filled, we will fill open categories based on the timestamp of the
membership given geographic location and markets served fit the group opening.


Q. What if I don’t like the group or location I’m assigned to?
A. You are free to transfer to any groups that have openings for your category at any time, providing the group you are transferring to accepts your application to the group.


Q. Once I sign-up, what are the next steps?
A. You will be asked to complete the follow up survey which helps us place you in the right group and location. Next, complete your profile and online business listing and plan to meet via our online Zoom group meetings. Make sure to register and save the dates on your calendar.

We plan to be live (either online or in-person) with the start-up groups in September.


Q. What are the group leadership positions and what is the process to apply for them?

A. Each group has a President, Vice-President, Secretary/Treasurer, Membership Coordinator and a Prayer Director. Simply indicate your interest on the follow-up survey and we’ll be in touch to gather more details about your background and the type of leadership position you’re interested in.


Q. If I’m accepted for leadership, what kind of training will I receive?
A. We have a comprehensive online training program for all leaders which will equip you specifically for the position.


Q. How long is the time of position for each leader?
A. Each position is for one year with a max of 2 consecutive years in the same position. Leaders can move to other positions by a community vote each year a position is up for re-election.


Q. What happens if I change jobs or move out of the area?
A. If you move outside of our service areas, you may either start-up another group of your own or request a refund of any unused membership. A 30-day notice is required for refunds and any billing that occurs during that 30-day period is collected.


Q. What are the terms if I need to cancel my membership for any reason?
A. A 30-day written notice is required. Again, any billing due during the 30-day period is collected. If paid annually, we refund based on unused months at the end of the 30-day period.

Have more questions? Please email Bob Willbanks: