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Ambassadors for Business in Austin, TX

Join a community of Christian business professionals committed to connecting their faith and the work they do each week.

Ambassadors for Business creates community through fellowship, networking, and opportunities for personal, spiritual, and professional growth.

What is Ambassadors for Business?

Ambassadors for Business offers regular opportunities for Christians in the marketplace to connect, grow, and live a unified life as they impact the marketplace for Christ!

  • Connect: The Ambassadors for Business online directory is filled with other Christian businesses and individuals in the marketplace. As a member, you post your business or the company you work for, and you connect with other members of like mind and spirit.
  • Grow: Our members receive resources curated to equip them in personal growth, spiritual growth, and leadership development.
  • Unify: We believe God intended life to be lived as a unified whole, not in segmented pieces. We help Christians in business connect their faith values and work as they seek God in all areas of their life.

How Can I Get Involved in Austin?

Are you ready to start connecting your faith values and your work? Join the Austin, TX Ambassadors for Business chapter today!

Your first step is to sign up (for free) as a member of Ambassadors for Business. Here's a quick link to the application form.

Once you've applied, consider making a donation to support the work and mission of Ambassadors for Business. Ambassadors for Business is a 501(c)-3 non-profit that largely exists and operates by the financial support of our sponsors and donors.

As the Austin, TX chapter grows, you'll find local events and groups to be a part. Check the Austin event calendar to see what is happening in the coming weeks.

Meet the Austin Directors!

Matt and Liz Gross - directors of the Ambassadors for Business chapter in Austin, TX

Matt Gross serves as District Manager for Flik Hospitality Group and travels on a regular basis to lead and oversee a variety of business.  His enthusiastic and positive characteristics help him to lead in not only his business but also in his family, community and church.  He and his wife, Liz Gross, have 3 children and are excited to bring Ambassadors For Business to the Austin, TX area.  They faithfully attend and serve at The Fellowship Church in Round Rock, TX.

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