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Who We Are

Core Purpose

"Connecting faith values and work."

Together we have the opportunity to change our communities from the inside out. Ambassadors for Business exists to help you in your journey of connecting your faith and work.


"EQUIPPING Christians in business to walk boldly in faith each week while connecting them to do business together more efficiently and effectively. 


Changing communities from the inside out by EQUIPPING Christians in the marketplace to cast seeds of absolute truth to those they influence while modeling eternal and biblical values.

Ambassadors for Business is a 501(c)-3 Non-Profit  leadership organization focused on equipping Christians in business to walk boldly in faith while we connect them to do business together.

This focus is evident in the EQUIPPING acronym: Engage, Questions, Understanding, Identity, Principles, Purpose, Integrate, Network, and Grow. This forms the basis for the “Ambassador Commitment” each member is required to accept.

Ambassadors for Business is a place where you will experience life transformation via leadership and personal development training along with fellowship and networking with others of like mind and Spirit.

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