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In addition to regular events hosted by Ambassadors for Business, we encourage our members and sponsors to post their events. As area church events with business or leadership application come to our attention we post those events as well. The events calendar can be quite busy at time; the quick links below will take you to targeted segments of events and help you see the ones you are most interested in! 

Ambassadors for Business Events:

Includes our Big Events, open networking events and Galas. These events are organized by Ambassadors for Business and are included in our “Ambassador” member package. Non-Ambassador members and visitors may be required to pay a registration fee.


Member Events: 

This is a listing of our member’s events. Our Ambassador members have the ability to post their upcoming events to the site.

Sponsors and Partners:

We enjoy promoting our sponsors and partners! For many of their events you will find discounted tickets and/or VIP packages available to you as an Ambassadors for Business member. These events provide excellent opportunities for leadership and growing with purpose.


Church Events: 

We continue to build our church network and offer to post their upcoming events to our site if they have business or leadership content.

Of course, you can always select the “All Events” option to see everything at once. Thank you for using Ambassadors for Business as you resource to faith-based events in your area!