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2019 Podcast Round-up: Connecting Faith and Work

The Connecting Faith and Work podcast has been going strong for over one year now, and the thing that makes it great is the inspiring stories our special guests share.

As we wrap this year up, here are a few of the most popular episodes from the podcast in 2019. Listen, be encouraged and motivated, and share these episodes with your friends and colleagues this month.

Episode 46: Biblical Governance, Part 1

The Connecting Faith and Work podcast is a place where we bring you real-life stories and practical insights. Our hope is that you find ways to implement these ideas into your life and you connect your faith with your work.

In this two-part conversation Bill Bojan from Integrated Gonvernance presents his study on the Biblical importance of governance. He shares how governance is a way for us to guide and steer life and business correctly.

Bill also shows how the Great Commission, which most Christians are familiar with, is Jesus giving His followers a charge based on the authority He has from God.

When we don't steward our lives, businesses, and resources in the way God wants us to, our authority is corrupted. If we will turn back to God and do things His way He will heal us and heal our land.

Additionally, Bill shares the lesson the polished arrow from Isaiah 49:2-3. Being a polished arrow means we are in the Lord's quiver, but we are accountable to the Lord for how we use our giftings. Listen to part two of the conversation here.

Episode 50: Developing Leaders

One focus we have for the Connecting Faith and Work podcast is equipping leaders to bring the truth of the gospel to their spheres of influence. This episode highlights the important work of Christian leaders in the marketplace.

Rick Betenbough, CEO of Betenbough Homes, and Casey Brewer from Kingdom at Work share how they care for employees and develop leaders by using biblical principles.

The executive management of the companies connected with Betenbough Homes have a leaders guide that outlines the principles which they follow. Rick and Casey discuss how they strive to be developmental in their leadership and organizational structure.

"Leadership is not for the leader; leadership is for the people."

Rick Betenbough

Betenbough Homes is not an evangelism platform; you don't have to align with the beliefs of their leadership team to work for them. Rather, the leaders at Betenbough Homes desire to help those they lead become their best selves. They care for the people they lead, and seek to help them grow. Rick says people are attracted to leaders who lead for the benefit of the people.

Episode 51: Living a God-Centered Life, Part 1

Another facet of the Connecting Faith and Work podcast is showing you examples of how real business professionals are bringing their faith and work together. Episodes 51 and 52 bring some great content related to that theme to you.

Steve Swain, president of CNH Machine, takes seriously the fact that he is second to God in his business.

From his perspective, the concept of a work/life balance doesn't work. In that scenario, you have to choose between work, life, faith, etc. It is an either/or situation. Instead Steve believes that it is a matter of being centered in a God-world. We ought to be asking how we can make room for our personal or business lives in the midst of our God-life.

"Wherever your feet are, there goes the kingdom."

Steve Swain

Podcast host Bob Willbanks and Steve discuss the reality of living a God-centered life in an uncertain world. Steve says the secret is recognizing that he isn't the one handling everything; God is. Steve realizes that he has a choice to try to control his surroundings, or to submit to God's plan for his day.

Listen to part two of this conversation in episode 52 of the Connecting Faith and Work podcast.

Episode 62: Awakening the Royal Warrior Within

Kristina Bonfe has an inspirational message of resilience and challenges her listeners to awaken the royal warrior within. In her conversation with podcast host Bob Willbanks, she shares her story and the resulting transformation.

Kristina Bonfe faced a 10-year stint of depression and a severe eating disorder. As she cycled in and out of treatement facilities she encountered the question, "what gives you energy?" As she processed this question, a vision of mountians flashed through her mind.

Kristina headed to Colorado and climbed the fifty-five 'fourteener' mountians in 87 days while living in her car. This experience of overcoming doubt, fear, and depression totally transformed her and gave her freedom.

Now Kristina shares her story and the transformation she went through with those she comes into contact with.

Kristina firmly believes that people need a new perspective in order to change behavior, so they can have a new life. By pursuing the mind of Christ, we find that perspective. Kristina shares that the only way we get the mind of Christ is if we are in His word, the Bible.

"Christians should be the most confident people on the planet."

Kristina Bonfe

Kristina encourages Christians to give God the "how" of your journey. God may have given you a dream and you know it is from Him and it will give Him honor and glory. Don't worry about the "how" - leave that to God - just take the next step and you'll get there.

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