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Austin, TX: Meet the Directors!

Ambassadors for Business is coming to Austin, TX! This new chapter is under the direction of Matt and Liz Gross. As the Ambassadors for Business community grows in Austin, Matt and Liz plan to start hosting events and creating opportunities for regular connection and fellowship.

The Big Vision

As Ambassadors for Business has grown over the past few years, the vision for what it could become has grown also. Bob Willbanks, founder, wants to replicate the model he uses in the Twin Cities, MN being in cities all across the country.

When Bob connected with Matt and Liz, it was clear they were ready to jump in and get an Ambassadors for Business chapter launched in Austin, TX. Several individuals in other locations are in contact with Bob about starting their own chapters, and big vision is poised to expand rapidly as processes are set in place and built upon.

Catching the Vision for Austin

Bob met Matt Gross at the Twin Cities Orthopedics (TCO) Stadium in July during a fundraiser for Ambassadors for Business. Matt is a District Manager for Flik Hospitality Group, the company that manages the concession stands at TCO Stadium. Matt and his family live in Austin, TX, and his work had brought him to the TCO Stadium in Minnesota.

When Matt and Bob connected at TCO Stadium, they struck up a conversation about Ambassadors for Business. Matt shared this conversation with his wife, Liz Gross, when he returned to Austin. After learning more about Ambassadors for Business, they decided to move forward with launching a chapter in Austin.

“It came at a really good time for us,” Liz said. “Matt has been trying to find ways to bring his faith into his work more. We have been growing a lot since we moved to Austin, TX over two years ago. We have been plugged in with an amazing church family, and have been wanting to grow more outside of church and our home so we can reach more people for Christ.”

Filling A Gap

Matt and Liz have a deep desire to connect faith and work in their own lives, and to equip others to do the same. Liz shared that she often sees a gap in people’s lives between church – an hour of connection on Sunday morning – and the rest of their week. Because of this gap, she feels a need for tools and community that help people bridge the gap.

“There are few resources helping people connect the things that happen during the week to what happens in their faith and at church,” Liz said. “I hope Ambassadors for Business can give people [in Austin] a way to see their faith grow and help them be bold in their workplace.”

Creating Community in Austin

In a society that values busyness, it is important to slow down and connect with the people around you. Being intentional about cultivating a like-minded community wherever you are – the Twin Cities, Austin, or elsewhere – keeps people focused on their goals and encourages them in growth.

“Whether your work is at home or in the office it is important – especially with how busy our lives can get – that we focus on the bigger picture,” Liz said. “An organization like Ambassadors for Business reminds us of our faith and helps us push back against the culture of busyness we live in.”

Connect your Faith and Work in Austin!

Do you live in Austin? Do you have connections who live there? Be a part of this new Ambassadors for Business chapter! Here are a few ways you can get connected and help share the news:

  • Join the online business directory. There are individual and business options. When you join you’ll be added to the Austin communication list and get periodic updates about resources and local events. Select the Austin, TX chapter when you fill out the application form.
  • Share the Austin chapter website page with connections you know who may be interested.