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Becoming an Excellent Leader

We believe all people are leaders. You might lead at home, at work, in your community, or in all those areas! How are you growing in your leadership excellence? Brian Lassiter of Performance Excellence Network joins host Bob Willbanks on The Thrive! Podcast to his expertise. Learn how you build leadership excellence.

The Baldridge Excellence Framework

The Baldridge Excellence Framework is at the core of the work Performance Excellence Network does. They work with businesses, organizations, and individuals. A vast majority of their members are companies, and they come from a wide range of industries. Consequently, Brian says the events and forums they host are ripe for innovation as people hear perspectives and processes from leaders in different market sectors.

Firstly, Performance Excellence Network helps leaders identify and prioritize improvements they can make. Additionally, they bring people together to learn and share at a variety of events throughout the year.

Elements of a Strong Leader

After sharing about Performance Excellence Network, Brian unpacks what he believes makes a strong leader. Authenticity is the core, and becoming more authentic starts with self-discovery. A leader needs to understand who they are and their strengths and weaknesses. As a result, they can grow as an authentic leader.

In addition, Brian shares how he connects his faith and work as a servant leader. In every business interaction he tries to put himself in the place of the other person. He acknowledges this is easier said than done. However, he believes it is critical to the process of putting good leadership principles into practice.

Seven Areas of Leadership Focus

Further, Brian walks through the seven areas of leadership focus in the Baldridge Framework. They are as follows: 1.Leadership
2. Strategy
3. Customer
4. Measurement, Information, and Data Management
5. Workforce
6. Operations
7. Results

A Faith and Work Partnership

In conclusion, Brian and host Bob Willbanks discuss the benefits of connecting your faith and work. As a result, a balance and peace emerges in life. Brian shares this blended perspective on life is never fully achieved, but it is a constant goal to work towards.

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