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The Thrive Podcast: Best of Season One

Season 1 of The Thrive Podcast has wrapped up after 21 great episodes! Listen to the a few of the best episodes from the season and stay tuned for the season 2 launch!

Episode 1: Build A Faith and Work Partnership with host Bob Willbanks​

Podcast host, Bob Willbanks, shares part of the story behind Ambassadors for Business in this episode. Learn who we are, what we stand for, and what we offer to business professionals seeking to grow in leadership as they live out their faith in the marketplace.

Ambassadors for Business provides opportunities to build a strong foundation personally and spiritually throughout the business week. Join us for a Thrive! event this month; visit our thrive event calendar!

Listen to Episode 1 of The Thrive Podcast.

Episode 12: ‘Livin’ the Dream with guest Jerrid Sebesta

Jerrid Sebesta retired from Kare11 at the top of his television career. Although the public was shocked, and many people simply couldn’t understand his move, the decision was an straightforward one for Jerrid. Why? He felt God calling him in a new direction.

Bob and Jerrid discuss how someone can get to the point of leaving a successful career. Jerrid believes the answer is rooted in each individual’s purpose. They also discuss the development of a personal mission statement, the topic of identity, and humility.

Listen to Episode 12 of The Thrive Podcast.

Episode 16: Outperform the Norm with guest Scott Welle​

Scott Welle takes principles from sports psychology and shows business professionals and athletes how to apply the principles to their life. In this episode, Scott shares three key aspects of high performance and Bob Willbanks highlights the biblical connection to each of them:

  1. The Importance of Mindset
  2. Set Goals based on Outcome, Performance, and Process
  3. Build Resiliency towards Adversity

Listen to Episode 16 of The Thrive Podcast.

Episode 20: Working Women of Faith with guest T.J. Tison​

When T.J. Tison started her business over a decade ago, she noticed a lack of resources for women about working in a godly way. In her book, Killing Wonder Women, T.J. strives to show women they don’t need to be all things, to all people, all of the time. Rather she encourages women to identify who they are and who God has made us to be.

T.J. launched Working Women of Faith to build a community of women who can be real with each other and encourage each other in all aspects of their life.

Listen to Episode 20 of The Thrive Podcast.