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Sponsor Spotlight: CHIPS Computer Services

Tony Chiappetta discovered a natural understanding of technology systems and processes as he grew up. Although he started his career in restaurant management, an entrepreneurial desire in him prompted Tony to start CHIPS Computer Services in 2001.

“I feel like God lined up all the experiences in my past,” Tony said. “I found a passion to help small businesses become more successful by leveraging technology.”

Helping small businesses succeed with technology.

Change happens quickly in the tech world and CHIPS has grown and matured with the industry. Today, Tony describes the company as a “Technology Success Provider.”

Tony said the managed services model focuses on fixing problems with tech and supporting projects and tasks. In contrast, Technology Success Providers recognize the integral nature of technology in business today. This perspective allows the provider to bring proven solutions to their customers in a way that maximizes staff productivity and return on technology investment.

While Technology Success Providers still address concerns, Tony said they seek to create an environment with close to zero reactive needs. This yields greater value than just having support people to call when problems arise. Technology Success Providers work to eliminate sources of tech related frustrations within businesses and organizations. Tony also educates people on what capabilities are available to them. He wants to raise the bar on what people expect from tech.

Making An Impact In The Marketplace

Alongside his passion for helping small businesses succeed with technology, he has found a greater passion to assist Christian businesses and organizations.

“My calling is to help them have a bigger impact and be wise with everything they are doing,” Tony said.

Tony met Bob Willbanks, president of Ambassadors for Business, at a CBMC Leadercast event a few years ago. When Bob started Ambassadors for Business, Tony saw the organization as the type of community he wanted to be involved with.

“Bob is laying a foundation at [Ambassadors for Business] for believers to be knit together,” Tony said. “I see God’s hand weaving everything together to make this community stand out and support each other.”

He finds value in opportunities for business professionals of like mind and spirit to come together. They support each other and learn how to be better business owners and stewards of their resources and influence.

“In the marketplace there are a lot of opportunities to interact with people. You can let the light of Jesus shine into people’s live in ways you might not otherwise be able to,” Tony said.