Expand your impact in the marketplace by connecting with Ambassadors for Business. Receive training from area leadership experts, and build connections with other business professionals of like mind and spirit. No matter the size of your sphere of influence, this community will challenge and equip you to maximize your influence as an Ambassador for Christ in the marketplace.

We are transforming communities from the inside out by EQUIPPING Christians in Business with the seeds of absolute truth to be Ambassadors in the marketplace.

At Ambassadors for Business we meet people where they are at to help them Engage in a more intimate relationship with Jesus Christ.  Listen as founder Bob Willbanks shares the story of the "EQUIPPING" acronym that defines the mission, vision and purpose of Ambassadors for Business.

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Ambassadors for Business members receive enhanced listings in our business directory which is becoming a valued resource within the Christian community.  Join today and connect with other members of like mind and spirit!

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Listen on your drive home, during your break or anytime you need some encouragement. We strive to create and deliver content that builds you up to continue moving forward.

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Ambassadors for Business is a 501(c)-3 Non-Profit that largely exists and operates by donations.

Your donation helps us develop Christian leaders in the marketplace, guiding them towards becoming the best version of what God created them to be, maximizing their influence, and bringing salt and light to those they lead.

Effortlessly donate your change to help Ambassadors for Business transform communities from the inside out by maximizing the influence of those who lead!  Click the logo below to setup your first debit or credit card online or via the app. RoundUp is completely secure, easy to use, and takes less than a minute to setup!