Connect your faith

values and your work.

Meet our president and founder.

We often see Christians in the marketplace from all walks of life who want a community to support them as they connect their faith values with their work. 

At Ambassadors for Business we value creating community through fellowship with business professionals of like mind and spirit and through opportunities for growth in all areas of life. 

Listen as founder Bob Willbanks shares the story of the Ambassadors for Business "EQUIPPING" acronym.

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Ambassadors for Business is a 501(c)-3 non-profit that largely exists and operates by the financial support of our sponsors and donors.

Your donation transforms communities from the inside out through the events and resources of Ambassadors for Business. Your donation supports efforts to equip Christians in the marketplace to be salt and light to those they influence and lead. We thank you for your support and financial contributions to the mission and vision of Ambassadors for Business!